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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Charlie Sheen: Making Your Kids Cry Over Your Dead, Exploded Body Since 1974!

Hey everybody, short post today. One of the most popular topics in the news today is Charile Sheen and his smug idiocy. After snorting a mountain of coke, he got arrested. For most people, this would be a wakeup call. Not for Charlie Sheen. He didn't apologize, he just went an anti-Semetic rant on the radio. A few morning TV shows gave him the chance to apologize. He didn't take it. Instead, he went on a few more self-loathing rants. These rants pretty much got "2 and a Half Men" cancelled, which I'm not the least bit happy about.

Charlie Sheen: The most humble man alive.
So, tell me what you think!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Mega Music Monday #6 (I Think?) : Do You Want a Taco?

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't posted in a week, I've been really bust. Especially over my 3 day weekend (which I spent hanging out with a very special person *wink wink*). But, I'm back! And it's Mega Music Monday! Today, I share with you the wonderful band "Psychostick" and their song "Do You Want a Taco?" Pyschostick plays "humor-core," which is pretty much metal with humorous lyrics. I love this band; they are EXTREMELY talented (they also have a serious band, called "Evacuating Chicago"). This is off their 2nd album "Sandwich," which is fantastic.

This song is very relavent to my life, since I recently discovered that all of my money goes to Taco Bell (which I will probably be blogging about in the near future). So, that's it. It's good to be back, and feedback is appreciated!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Raining Idiots

Hello, everybody! IMMA GO ON A RANT!!!!! Specifically, about the desecration and misuse of the hand gesture "\m/," which is followed by somebody screamnig "SLAYERRRRRRR!" I've blogged about doing it before, and it's something us metal-heads enjoy dearly. However, I've seen it trending lately that certain groups of "non-metal-heads" feel as though they are allowed to change it and use it incorrectly, without even knowing who started it! And this, for lack of better words, really grinds my gears!

1st off, this phenomenon was not created by famous (and overrated) 80's thrash metal band "Slayer." It was started by the late Ronnie James Dio (RIP). Now, most metal-heads (like myself) know this. But, these orange idiots don't! One of them had the audacity to tell me that I was wrong! AND I'M NOT WRONG!

This man....sings.....about rainbows.....in the dark.....
Secondly, these same idiots feel the need to CHANGE this time-honored tradition! This one annoying kid (who I shall name "Lucy") was standing next to my locker, being an idiot. Now, usually I'd just disregard him, for I generally don't care. But, after being told some non-sensical crap by the idiot next to him, he just went "slay!" Slay? SLAY??? IT'S FREAKIN SLAYERRRRR!!! YOU'RE ALREADY AN IGNORANT JERK, DON'T CHANGE IT!!!!!!

That's pretty much it. I feel much better! Feedback is appreciated!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mega Music Monday #5: (Sic)

Hey everybody, it's Mega Music Monday! Today's song is "(Sic)" by Slipknot. It's off their debut album "Slipknot."This is a great, great album (IMO). It's so angry and raw, makes you want to just punch holes in walls. That's how I like my music! This song is very, very angry. Especially at the end, where Corey Taylor goes, like, psychotic. And, they use the words "malevolent" and "decidant." That, my friends, takes skill. So, this is a pretty good song.

I also like the random sound byte at the beginning, where the guy goes "HERE COMES THE PAIN!" It's just dandy. So, tell me what you think!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Even MORE Random Observations of My Life!

Hello everybody! It's a slow weekend, so I decided to post about more observations I've made about life.

Seeing two, maybe 3 cops in an hour is okay. But 6? What the hell???
Baja Mountain Dew is the best type. Too bad it's only sold at Taco Bell.....
Apple (especially iTunes) is facist. No, I don't feel like upgrading iTunes. Stop asking.
Interpretive dance is very, very weird.
Nu metal is a very underrated genre of music.
Driving when their is no snow is MUCH BETTER than driving when their is snow.
5th graders are untalented. Though, apparently more talented than 6th graders......
Back pain sucks.
Taco Bell is amazing. Especially those Fiesta Potatoes. Delicous.
The Cavs make no sense. At all.

So, that's pretty much it for today. Feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Apparently, Brunswick DOES Have Talent!

Hey everybody. As you know, I went to my school's talent show the other night. It was really good (overall). It was completely packed, and I'm pretty sure they ran out of tickets. The teacher's went first (it was entertaining, it just went on foreverrrrrrrr). And then came the good stuff. McBags O'Toole and his band "OneWay Avenue" one first place. 2nd went to (I think) this breakdancing kid (he's insane. He can run on walls, I swear on my grandmother's grave). And  3rd went to (again, I think) some kid who did martial arts (aptly named "Lucifer" by Mumbufu, as he must have sold his soul to Satan in order to obtain those awesome skills).

Now, as in most talent shows, their were some bad acts. I mean, really really bad. The 1st student act was a band (who's name I don't even care to know) who covered "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. They botched it. It was on level with Fergie singing "Sweet Child of Mine" at the Super Bowl. It was atrocious.
And then, this one girl did interprative dance. Now, she came out wearing a white mask, white gloves, and white socks (no shoes). It was creepy. And, then it went on for, like, 8 minutes.  It was very, very strange. And, their were way too many pianists. It got boring after awhile.

So, that was my review of the talent show. What are some of your talents?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brunswick's Got Talent......Or Not

Hello, people! Today, I will be attending a talent show at my school (not perfoming, for none of my talents are worth showcasing). I'm all for talent shows, I believe they are a great way to show people what you can do. Especially if you're, say, a band or a stand-up comedian. I do have one beef with it this year, though. This year it isn't "The Gong Show."

For those of you who don't know, The Gong Show was a TV show where, if you sucked, you got gonged. Last year's talent show was the Gong Show. And it went great (from what I was told). Everyone enjoyed it. However, someone's mommy complained that her daughter got gonged. And now, no more Gong Show.

An example of the Gong Show

Now, I'm against being a prick (unless it's neccessary). But, when you know that their is a possibility that you might suck, and that you might get gonged, you shouldn't be upset when it happens. Who really cares, to be honest. It's all for fun. Truthfully, if I got gonged, I'd just laugh. But nooooooooooo. We have these politically correct sad-sacks (I don't really care if this offends you, sorry, but that's not my problem) who believe that getting gonged "ruins their kid's self-esteem." Well then guess what, lock your kid in a room and never let them out so they can never have their feeling hurt ever. This is ridiculous. If you don't wanna get gonged, don't go on. Plain and simple. Don't cry about it. Since you did, you've ruined everyone else's fun. And for that, I say get a grip.