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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Even MORE Random Observations of My Life!

Hello everybody! It's a slow weekend, so I decided to post about more observations I've made about life.

Seeing two, maybe 3 cops in an hour is okay. But 6? What the hell???
Baja Mountain Dew is the best type. Too bad it's only sold at Taco Bell.....
Apple (especially iTunes) is facist. No, I don't feel like upgrading iTunes. Stop asking.
Interpretive dance is very, very weird.
Nu metal is a very underrated genre of music.
Driving when their is no snow is MUCH BETTER than driving when their is snow.
5th graders are untalented. Though, apparently more talented than 6th graders......
Back pain sucks.
Taco Bell is amazing. Especially those Fiesta Potatoes. Delicous.
The Cavs make no sense. At all.

So, that's pretty much it for today. Feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated!


  1. There are so many cops because the illuminati are making their move. Better watch out.

  2. did you try a quad steak burrito? those look good.

    and do you mean nu metal as in limp bizkit and soad? because i don't think those are underrated.

  3. @jonwinters, no, but they look great. And you have to remember, when you look at my peers and what THEY listen to, it's a bit underrated lol

  4. the snow bit depends on what kind of car you have =P