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Friday, February 18, 2011

Apparently, Brunswick DOES Have Talent!

Hey everybody. As you know, I went to my school's talent show the other night. It was really good (overall). It was completely packed, and I'm pretty sure they ran out of tickets. The teacher's went first (it was entertaining, it just went on foreverrrrrrrr). And then came the good stuff. McBags O'Toole and his band "OneWay Avenue" one first place. 2nd went to (I think) this breakdancing kid (he's insane. He can run on walls, I swear on my grandmother's grave). And  3rd went to (again, I think) some kid who did martial arts (aptly named "Lucifer" by Mumbufu, as he must have sold his soul to Satan in order to obtain those awesome skills).

Now, as in most talent shows, their were some bad acts. I mean, really really bad. The 1st student act was a band (who's name I don't even care to know) who covered "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. They botched it. It was on level with Fergie singing "Sweet Child of Mine" at the Super Bowl. It was atrocious.
And then, this one girl did interprative dance. Now, she came out wearing a white mask, white gloves, and white socks (no shoes). It was creepy. And, then it went on for, like, 8 minutes.  It was very, very strange. And, their were way too many pianists. It got boring after awhile.

So, that was my review of the talent show. What are some of your talents?


  1. Well piano is a great instrument...in moderate (for me at least).

  2. I had a friend who would do back flips off walls for fun. He would do it all the time until once he messed up and landed on his back :( He doesn't do them anymore.

  3. I used to love school talent shows...my talent? I can juggle fire :)