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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brunswick's Got Talent......Or Not

Hello, people! Today, I will be attending a talent show at my school (not perfoming, for none of my talents are worth showcasing). I'm all for talent shows, I believe they are a great way to show people what you can do. Especially if you're, say, a band or a stand-up comedian. I do have one beef with it this year, though. This year it isn't "The Gong Show."

For those of you who don't know, The Gong Show was a TV show where, if you sucked, you got gonged. Last year's talent show was the Gong Show. And it went great (from what I was told). Everyone enjoyed it. However, someone's mommy complained that her daughter got gonged. And now, no more Gong Show.

An example of the Gong Show

Now, I'm against being a prick (unless it's neccessary). But, when you know that their is a possibility that you might suck, and that you might get gonged, you shouldn't be upset when it happens. Who really cares, to be honest. It's all for fun. Truthfully, if I got gonged, I'd just laugh. But nooooooooooo. We have these politically correct sad-sacks (I don't really care if this offends you, sorry, but that's not my problem) who believe that getting gonged "ruins their kid's self-esteem." Well then guess what, lock your kid in a room and never let them out so they can never have their feeling hurt ever. This is ridiculous. If you don't wanna get gonged, don't go on. Plain and simple. Don't cry about it. Since you did, you've ruined everyone else's fun. And for that, I say get a grip.


  1. Don't try because you might fail. That's my motto.

  2. They did the Gong Show on Comedy Central with Dave Attell not that long ago. It didnt do that well.

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  3. Better to do something rather than nothing at all!



  4. yeah if you cant handle the spicy then you cant cut the mustard! Entertainment???? thats the question i suppose!!!

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    Pieces of Karp: Expect more headlines like this! Class X solar flare!

  5. aghhh that sucks man. i remember the talent shows when i was back in school. they weren't gong styled, but i can only imagine how much more fun it would've been.