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Monday, February 7, 2011

Mega Music Monday #3: Do It Now

Guess what? IT'S MEGA MUSIC MODAY!!! Today, I have a non-metal song (shocking, I know). The song is "Do It Now" by Mos Def featuring Busta Rhymes. Mos Def is a freakin genius. The way he puts words together is amazing (in my opinion). This song is off his first album, "Black On Both Sides." It's a classic, and I highly reccommed purchasing it.

This song is great. Tell me what you think, and reccommend some music to me!


  1. bit of a reggae feel to it - nice

  2. Gonna tell ya the truth: I don't listen to this style of music for the lyrics, I do it for the beats. But I do recognize this song. Good stuff.

  3. i love busta. not his commercial stuff (except gimme some more is my favorite of his), but everything else he does is great.

    oh, and mos def is aiight