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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Scouching: A REAL Man Sport

Hello everybody! In a good mood today (I finally got my license. Now I just need a job). Tonight,  my friends and I are going to go scouching. What is scouching, you ask? It's when you sled down a hil.......on a couch! It's gonna be fantastic. I just hope Pepe, Mumbufu and I don't crash into a tree again, because it's REALLY going to hurt if we do. But I see it being a really good time. Especially if we live.

So, this is just going to be another short post today, because I'm busy. So, what kind of crazy things (such as scouching) have you done before?


  1. Um, my friend went through the doggie dog of my house and almost got stuck. Is that crazy? It's more weird than crazy.

  2. congratulation dude iam making my now

  3. What is this Scrouching?

  4. you lucky son of a bitch. I wish i could go scouching...