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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Attack of the Orange People from New Jersey!!!

Hello! I didn't have school today (SNOW DAY!), so I decided to update my blog a little bit earlier than usual.
You know what I hate? Orange people. We all know them. These Jersey Shore-wannabee's who (supposedly) tan until their skin turns a ridiculous shade of orange. I doubt many of them ACTUALLY tan, but that's just my opinion. In my school, this trend seems to be especially prevalent among the stupid freshman girls. I'd say, to quote my friend, they are all "orange, sluts, or orange sluts." That being said, why would anyone want their skin to be that color? It's not attractive. It just makes it seem like you got ganged up on by a bunch of orange markers. I personally blame the Jersey Shore (specifically MTV).

That's hot. Not.......
I feel as though MTV is making my peers "less intellegent" to be polliticaly correct. For example, the Jersey Shore shows them that fighting, drinkin outrageously, and being a douchebag is ok. Well, it's not. I just feel that the programming on MTV is so ridiculously stupid, that it's making my peers stupid. Not that all of the shows are bad, but the popular one's are (in my opinion). So, what's your opinion?


  1. MTV has been irrelevant since the mid 90s. Why do people still watch it?

  2. MTV is the central hub of stupid people making television since they stopped playing music videos. It's like LSD for gullible teenagers who then think "Oh man, I saw it on TV, I should be it!"
    Also, John Boehner must have come from New Jersey at some point.

  3. nice post
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  4. Dont be politically correct tell it like it is

  5. @Mumbufu. Ok then, i shall. MTV makes people stupid, because the station itself is stupic. Tom Dackery is completely right (Boehner is from the good old state of OHIO!) and orange sluts are disgusting