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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Conspiracy Theories

Hello, everybody! Today was the beginning of the new semester at Brunswick High School. Unfortanetly, McBags O'Toole and Apollo are no longer part of my lunch. However, I've found (somewhat) suitable replacements, my friend "Mo-Reese" (It's a girl, despite the manly name) and "the German." So, hopefully something interesting happens at somepoint, because nothing interesting happenned today.

Since nothing happenned today, I figured I'd talk about Mumbufu and his conspiracy theory. As we all know, the rappers Tupac and Biggie Smalls were both shot and killed in the 1990's. However, Mumbufu says they aren't dead. He proposed this theory. Neither Biggie Smalls or Tupac are dead. In fact, they are both very much alive, and living in Encino, California (yes, that's where Patchy the Pirate lives). They are joined there by Elivis Pressley and Michael Jackson. Not only are Biggie and Tupac alive, but they are now friends, through the counselling of.......wait for it.........Mr. Freakin Rogers!

Some random house in Encino, California. Maybe Biggie and Tupac are there....

So, needless to say, this is an interesting (and obviously stupid) theory. I'm sure somebody has something that's even more farfetched than this one! So, good people of the blogging community, I ask you:

What are some of your crazy conspiracy theories???


  1. Funny conspiracy theories! Have you heard the reptilian-humanoids one? I have a friend who's really into that, kinda funny.

  2. I think the ultimate conspiracy theories that I believe in is that there is no gods, they are actually aliens, which we worship as god.

    Anyway, interesting blog. Following and supporting.

  3. Ha, @Mr/ 414, no i haven't, but that sounds interesting. @Chris, that (at the risk of being politically incorrect) sounds like Scientology to me lol. Thnx for the support!

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  5. cool blog!! keep it up!

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    and I will return the favor ;)

  6. @toto, Thanx man, i appreciate the feedback. Your followed!