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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hey,errybody. Like I said in my 1st blog post, I like to go on rants. Like, a lot. It's a good way to just let off steam, without punching a hole in my wall. And right now, I'm on the verge of doing that. So, here is the 1st official rant of Lunch-Time Conversations!

Fruitcake; I hate it, you hate it, pretty much EVERYBODY hates it. I mean, is there even any fruit in fruitcake?  I can't find any. It seems like if you got a bunch of reindeer crap and put it all together into a block of crap, you would have fruitcake. It's like a semi-edible brick, that you just re-gift. Why do people even give other people fruitcake? Nobody wants it. I'd, in all seriousness, rather get absolutely nothing for Christmas (yes, I know it's mid-January. I really don't care, this needs to be said) then get a fruitcake.


Ha, I feel better now. My wall shall survive another day. That was my 1st rant, and their will be many more to follow it!


  1. hahah believe it or not, i've actually never had it

  2. You sir, are a lucky person. I've tried it a few times, and I seriously cannot stomach the crap.

  3. never eaten a fruit cake.
    From the picture it looks somewhat tasty.

  4. Trust me man, do not let that picture lead you to believe fruit cake is tasty. It's actually really disgusting

  5. never had it...all the bad rumors have kept me away. but i guess somebodys gotta like it for ppl to keep making it.

  6. Yeah, not a big fan of fruit cake.

  7. @Terry, ur followed! and u make a good point, but i seriously pity the sad, sad soul who enjoys fruitcake lol