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Friday, January 14, 2011

Lunch of the Living Dead.....Or Is It?

So I'm pulling an all-nighter with my friend, who we'll call "Cleveland." Now, Cleveland was in my lunch last year (so were Winston and Mumbufu), and last year we started an argument that to this day still rages on. Inspired by the movie "Scary Movie 3," I asked my friends wether or not you can wake up dead. I figured the answer would be a resounding "no, that's stupid. " Little did I know the level of my friends stupidity. Half of them said "yes." Now tell me, how the hell can you wake up dead? If your dead, your dead. You can't wake up. "Well, what if you die, and u get revived, and you wake up?" NO, IDIOT, THAT MEANS YOU'RE FREAKIN ALIVE! Ughh, so I ask you, good people of the blogging community.

Can you wake up dead?

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