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Monday, January 24, 2011

Mega Music Monday #1; Stoopid

Hello everybody! I've decided that every Monday will be Mega Music Monday. Why? Because I like music, that's why! On Mega Music Monday, I will post a song, and give a short description of the song, band, etc. This is because I like broadening people's music horizon. So today, I give you "Stoopid," by the band Snot.

Snot is a band from the late 90's, who played a great combination of nu metal/ funk metal. They gained fame on the West Coast, and released their first album, "Get Some" in 1997. The song "Stoopid" is the first (and possibly only, idk) single of the album. It deals with why racism and discriminatino are "stupid." The band had much success, and went to work on their second album. However, on 12/11/1998, lead singer Lynn Strait was killed in a car accident. The band put out the unfinished album, "Strait Up" in 2000, using guest vocalists such as Serj Tankian and Johnathan Davis. They have since disbanded, and gotten back together under the new name "Tons."

So, that's all I have to say. Hope you guys like the song, feedback is appreciated!


  1. Nice music, will sway body to it.

  2. Kind of sounds like killing in the name of, or similar music anyways. Good song!


  3. @Chris, thanx! @Fruffles, yeah this song does kind of remind me of that. But overall, they are very different bands (In my opinion)

  4. That's quite the conversation lol.


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  6. I like it! Supporting! :) Keep up the sweet posts!