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Monday, January 17, 2011

What Happened Last Night???

Hello! I hope all of you are enjoying MLK Day (I know I am). I have a story to tell you all, of what I did last night with a few of my friends. So, here I go.

So last night, I was just sitting here at my computer, doing absolutely nothing. Until Mumbufu calls me and says "Hey, you want to go sledding with me?" I, of course, said yes. So Mumbufu, my freind "Pepe" and I drove up to Hinkley Hills. While climbing up this huge hill with our sleds, we find some of our friends, who apparently went sledding, too. So, we were all sledding together. They left, and we decided to do what is called a train (we grabbed eachothers sleds and went down the hill). We were goin down, and we made a SHARP right turn. Their was a group of about 10 people walking up this side of the hill (which is dumb, since it was not the side to walk up). We took them all out, and I crashed into a tree. I just layed there, laughing for a good 5 minutes. We apologized (it was their fault for being there, but whatever) and we left.

This isn't the end to my night though. We were driving west on 303, and we came upon a cemetery with an empty SUV just sitting at the entrance. So, we go into the cemetery, while I'm screaming "SLAYERRRRRR!!!!!!!" We nearly got lost, when my friend "LaQuisha" called me. I screamed "SLAYERRR" at her for awhile, and then we went to McDonald's.

The only reason we went to McDonald's was so Mumbufu and Pepe could play on the slides and stuff. We were the only 3 people at the place, and apparently nothing was working. So, we ordered our food, ate and left. Pepe got a free shake for whatever reason, and then I went home. I woke up this morning sore, tired, and still not able to feel my rear-end. So I'm gonna say that last night was EPICCCCCC!!!!!!!

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